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Throw the Perfect Bachelorette Party

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Uncategorized | 8,073 comments

There are several things to consider when it is your job to plan the Bachelorette party for your Bride to Be. Some of the best celebrations are  somewhere in between—a mix of wholesome girl fun  and “what happens at the bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party” action. Here are a few tips on how to throw a night the bride will never forget!!



First, Talk to the bride. Find out what she was hoping to happen for her Bachelorette party. What is on her must have’s and off limits list. Small soiree? Wild night out? Is there a specific date she had in mind? These guidelines will help you focus on the kind of activities she will love.

Take charge. You may be tempted to ask other bridesmaids for help or ideas (this can be helpful) but planning with a committee can also be a nightmare. Most friends (good friends) will go along with anything you can cook up, so take charge and start planning.

Pick a theme. Choosing a theme can help personalize the big day! Pick something that represents the bride. It could be her favorite color, her love of Disney princesses,ect… check out this list of popular Bachelorette themes from The house of Bachelorette


Budget thoughtfully.  Reach out to guests to get an idea of what each of them is able to afford. You wouldn’t want anyone to be left out do to finances. Plan according to the lowest budget. With apps like Venmo and Cash app, it will be easy for you to get the participants to pay you ahead of time, this way you are not left trying to collect money on the day of the event. Be clear with everyone what this will cover. The only person who shouldn’t pay is the BRIDE.


Now the fun stuff!!!

Send out invitations. (make sure to double check with the bride who all she wants there)


Make reservations. Are you having dinner? Need a party bus? Seeing a show? Get a headcount and make reservations right away!  Let the venue know you are booking a Bachelorette party, some places have special VIP packages or special things they can do for the Bride to Be.

Plan some games. Playing games is a great ice breaker for guests that may not know each other well.   Games can also keep the momentum going, some might be scandalous and some sweet and tame. Ask the groom a series of questions (Who said “I love you” first? What is the bride’s best feature? Who is the worst driver?) and have the bride try to guess his answers—Give each guest a few cards with dares for the bride—anything from hugging a stranger to singing a made up love song about their fiancé—let them use them at any time throughout the day. You can play things like Pin the Mr. on the Man after a few drinks this can get pretty funny. Here is a fun list from Stag and Hen.


This might not be for everyone, but with the popularity of Magic Mike, a few hours of fun watching oiled men with muscles might be a lot of fun! Consider your bride before booking. Having strippers come to your house or hotel room might not be her idea of fun, but taking a seat and watching them onstage might be something she would enjoy!(Rock Hard Revue, Chippendales, Thunder from Down Under)

Purchase Goodies!

A Bachelorette party is the greatest excuse to get all sorts of girly goodies.. Boas, sashes, crowns etc…Get fun accessories for the bride Fill up goodie bags and let the guests go home with a memento of the fun day!

In conclusion,